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Phastite’s unique design provides a secure leak tight grip on the tubing even with varying tube tolerances or surface finishes. 

The connector make-up is completed by the use of either a hand held or bench mounted Phastool. The tools have built-in hydraulic cylinders, which are operated by means of a pump. The pump can be either air, electrically or manually operated.

For connections up to 1/2” and 12mm.

For the smaller sizes of Phastite® a light weight hand tool is available for ease of installation. The hand tool is supplied complete with a 2 meter hose and quick connectors to suit a 3/8-14 NPT pump connection port. The unit is also supplied complete with all required jaw inserts for assembling all Phastite® connectors including shapes and termination product up to and including 1/2” and 12mm.


Parker Tooling Catalog

Technical Specs

Hand Held Tool up to 1/2” and 12mm


mass: 4.8kg (10.6lb)



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