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When selecting fitting connections, it is important to consider the following:

  • Is it compatible with my system?
  • Materials selection (stainless steel)
  • Proper O-ring selection
  • What type of fitting connection (double ferrule, single ferrule, O ring Face Seal)
  • Type of thread to specify when needed (NPT, SAE Straight thread)

Since safety and performance are the foundation of any quality gas handling system, it is also vital to remember:

  • Not only do de-icing compounds contribute to the corrosion and failure of on-board gas delivery systems, but improper materials selection can as well. Precision CNG recommends using stainless steel only and STRONGLY discourages mixing dis-similar metals like stainless steel and carbon steel due to significant galvanic corrosion risk.
  • When selecting fittings that require O-rings, ensure the O-rings are compatibility with high pressure CNG service. Precision CNG only sells CNG-compatible O-rings, seats, and seals where elastomers are required. We recommend high quality elastomers such as PEEK, PCTFE.
  • Threads are a less desirable but often necessary requirement. For ease of use, safety, and product integrity, Precision CNG always recommends using SAE straight thread over the cumbersome NPT thread.

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