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We believe the Parker Instrumentation A-lok and CPI fittings are the best in the world. Competitive brands rely on traditional hardening techniques ranging from stamped metal to nitride hardening. These treatments leave the already chloride-vulnerable stainless steel exposed for rapid corrosion as traditional techniques remove the passive layer of stainless steel. The result: Corrosion, Corrosion, Corrosion.

Parker Suparcase technology is ideal for on-board vehicle applications thanks to Sodium chloride, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, water and other ingredients found in liquid de-icer blends. Precision CNG is so confident in the Parker Suparcase technology, we guarantee any Parker Suparcase fitting, valve or hose to be free of corrosion.

"Now that the state of Ohio is using the new liquid de-icers, we have definitely seen (corrosion) accelerated. It's been amazing to watch to see how it's attacking anything that's metal. If it's anything that's mild steel and it's not properly prepared and coated or treated, you can kiss it goodbye in just a couple of years."

— Chuck Diehl, fleet manager for Smith's Dairy in Orrville, Ohio

A competitors traditionally hardened ferrule 

A Parker A-lok Suparcase ferrule that was in a chloride rich chemical plant application for 16 years 


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