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Parker PG Series Purge Valves may be utilized as either bleed, purge, or drain valves. The compact valve requires only a quarter turn with a wrench from finger-tight to ensure a leak-tight seal on the first make-up. Additional wrenching ensures a leak-tight seal up to the rated pressure.


  • A 0.055 inch (1.4 mm) diameter vent hole in the cap bleeds, drains, or purges system pressure
  • Hex cap permits finger-tight or wrench-assisted closure
  • Crimped cap resists accidental disassembly
  • A variety of body styles offers system design flexibility, reduced space requirements, and helps to eliminate leak paths
  • 100% factory tested
  • Optional PTFE Ball requires only finger-tight torque to achieve a leak-tight seal
  • Available in a variety of end configurations including: CPI™, A-LOK®, male and female NPT, SAE, and Tube Adapter connections

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